FreeSWITCH Voice over IP

Originating calls in FreeSWITCH

Through fs_cli you can orignate calls from FreeSWITCH. At the CLI you can use the originate command to start a call, this can be used for everything from scheduled wake up calls, outbound call centers, to war dialing. For example, what I’m using: originate sofia/external/[email protected]:5061 61399999995 XML default originate is the command on the FS_CLI […]

Python RF

Forsk Atoll – Importing Antennas

Importing .msi antennas radiation patterns into Atoll

EPC LTE Mobile Networks Python RFCs & Standards SDM Software

Telephony binary-coded decimal (TBCD) in Python with Examples

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re trying to work out what Telephony Binary-Coded Decimal encoding is. I got you. Again I found myself staring at encoding trying to guess how it worked, reading references that looped into other references, in this case I was encoding MSISDN AVPs in Diameter. How to Encode a number […]

5G SA EPC LTE Mobile Networks SDM Software

Open5Gs Database Schema Change

New database time to support slicing and a migration path for existing users.

EPC LTE Mobile Networks Python Software

PyHSS Update – YAML Config Files

Introducing YAML based config files for defining how PyHSS should be setup

EPC LTE Mobile Networks Python

PyHSS Update – SCTP Support

Info on PyHSS new support for SCTP as well as TCP.

5G SA LTE Mobile Networks Python Security Software

PyHSS New Features

Thanks to some recent developments, PyHSS has had a major overhaul recently, and is getting better than ever, Some features that are almost ready for public release are: Config File Instead of having everything defined all over the place a single YAML config file is used to define how the HSS should function. SCTP Support […]

Mobile Networks Python SIM Cards

SIM / Smart Card Deep Dive – Part 4 – Interacting with Cards IRL

Sending commands/APDUs to a real life Smart Card.

Mobile Networks Python RFCs & Standards Software

Dr StrangeEncoding or: How I learned to stop worrying and love ASN.1

Australia is a strange country; As a kid I was scared of dogs, and in response, our family got a dog. This year started off with adventures working with ASN.1 encoded data, and after a week of banging my head against the table, I was scared of ASN.1 encoding. But now I love dogs, and […]

Python Software

Ansible – Timeout on Become

Increasing the SSH timeout in Ansible

EPC LTE Mobile Networks Python

Open5GS Python Library / API

A while ago I wrote a Python library for interfacing Open5GS HSS to Python. The Open5GS HSS uses a MongoDB backend, so the library is just running formatted Mongo queries. You can create, edit and delete subscribers in the HSS, along with modifying any parameters you can from the WebUI. Take a look:

EPC EUTRAN IMS / VoLTE LTE Mobile Networks Python RFCs & Standards SDM Software Voice over IP

PyHSS Update – IMS Cx Support!

An update to PyHSS to support IMS Authentication for VoLTE

Kamailio Python Voice over IP

Kamailio Bytes – Python + SIP with KEMI

Using KEMI to handle Kamailio SIP Routing in Python

Kamailio Python Voice over IP

Kamailio Bytes – KEMI Intro

Using KEMI to write routing logic using languages like Python, Ruby, Lua and JS

EPC EUTRAN LTE Mobile Networks Python RFCs & Standards SDM SIM Cards Software

PLMN Identifier Calculation (MCC & MNC to PLMN)

How to encode and decode MCC and MNC as PLMN Identifiers

EPC EUTRAN LTE Mobile Networks Python RFCs & Standards SDM Security Software

PyHSS Update – MongoDB Backend & SQN Resync

Feature Update on PyHSS the Python Home Subscriber Server

EPC LTE Mobile Networks Python RF SDM

Open5Gs- Python HSS Interface

Note: NextEPC the Open Source project rebranded as Open5Gs in 2019 due to a naming issue. The remaining software called NextEPC is a branch of an old version of Open5Gs. This post was written before the rebranding. I’ve been working for some time on Private LTE networks, the packet core I’m using is NextEPC, it’s […]

Python Voice over IP

RTPengine Python API Calls via ng Control Protocol

Connecting to RTPengine via Python

EPC EUTRAN IMS / VoLTE LTE Mobile Networks Python RF RFCs & Standards SDM

PyHSS – Python 3GPP LTE Home Subscriber Server

I recently started working on an issue that I’d seen was to do with the HSS response to the MME on an Update Location Answer. I took some Wireshark traces of a connection from the MME to the HSS, and compared that to a trace from a different HSS. (Amarisoft EPC/HSS) The Update Location Answer […]

Python RFCs & Standards Voice over IP

PyRTP – Simple RTP Library for Python

Basic usage of a Python RTP library I wrote